May I know if I go thru your 35 hours of PMP videos, is it enough to represent my mandatory 35 contact hours training for PMP exam?Yes it meets the PMI® 35 hour education eligibility requirements for the exam prerequisite.This publication has been developed and reproduced with the permission of PMI. Unauthorized reproduction of this material is strictly prohibited. This derivative work of PMBOK® Guide is the copyrighted material of and owned by, TapinIT LLC, Copyright 2015.

I’ve purchased the product yesterday but until now you have not sent the files for download. is this a scam or what? No its not a scam, you should receive the download link instantly after payment goes through successfully. Please check your junk/ spam folder as it might have landed there. If you might have given a wrong email address while registering, the download links are going to go there instead of the correct email. Another reason why you didn’t receive the links is because your payment never went through and the order was not completed. Please contact us if you didn’t receive the download links, we will send them ASAP

I am new to PMP/CAPM and Project Management where can I get started? The first thing you need to do is Google PMP handbook or CAPM Handbook and download it. Please carefully read the book as it will tell you everything you need to know about getting started E.G.. Eligibility requirements, Application Process, Membership, Payment, Exam, Audit etc.

I want to enrol for the PMI PBA online course. Your website talks about PMP in PBA. I have not understood this. Is this pure PBA or PMP mixed. Could you clarify. Does this meet latest PBA course syllabus? PMI®- PBA® Online training material is based on the PMBOK® 5th Edition and the Business Analyst Practitioners Guide. The course meets the latest PBA® course syllabus. For the PBA® exam you even need to know project management and that is why our course covers PMP® material in addition to PBA® material. Knowledge of Project Management is a must for the PMI®-PBA® Exam.

Where can I see your free videos on PMP and get a feel of your teaching? You can go to www.youtube.com/tutorali and watch close to 8 hours of complete chapter videos. There is no fine print, what you see is what you get.

I have taken a PMP course before can I you give me an discount on just your lecture downloads? I do not need the 35 Hours training certificate. Sorry I cannot break the course as it is a complete package, additionally the 35 hours training certificate is provided free after you successfully complete the course.

I want to know if the videos you will send can be played in Ipad without conversion to other format since I don’t have internet access on my Ipad? These are m4v format files designed to work on all Apple Devices. You might have to download the VLC app or use Itunes to copy the individual files to your device once downloaded. Please email me and I will send you a sample file.

Can I download these videos straight to my Android/ iphone? No, you will have to download the videos to your computer first, as these are big files and the internet speed on the phone is not fast enough to download these videos. Once downloaded on your computer you should unzip the files and then transfer the files to your phones using a USB cable.

I am studying for the PMP exam (PMBOK5) and crossed with your video on youtube exposing the grid that I find very instrumental as a reference document. Is there any way I can have an editable copy of the grid? No you don’t get an editable copy of the detailed grid or power point slides, what you get is a sample color coded grid to help you follow the lectures.

I have a question regarding the 47process Sample PDF Grid you provide along with the download, how detailed is it? The Grid looks exactly the same as the lectures only thing the detailed explanation of the content is missing, you will see all the inputs tools and techniques and outputs but not the details within, all that is explained in the videos and if you would like to refer those you can just open the PMBOK guide and it is right there. Again this is mainly used to follow along with the videos as a reference.

I am a visual Learner if I purchase the product can I print the Sample PDF grid and put it up on my wall? It is not possible to print the file and view it at the same time in the form of a grid as the grid is a minimum of 32 letter size sheets placed vertically.

Do you Provide support to students who purchase the product? Yes I do provide 120 days email/ phone support  for my Live Classes. If you have any questions during your preparation related to my course and the PMBOK I will be glad to help.

Please advise, If PMP Book is also included in this package? No it is not included, you will have to purchase it separately from a retailer or PMI.

I was wondering where I could find your Power point pages you used in your video? Power point slides are just used as a tool for teaching and are not provided to the students. All you get is sample PMP 47 process grid which will help you follow the lectures. The Sample grid is not as detailed as the one you see on the youtube vidoes.

Do the Videos have an expiration? Unlike 99% of online Training Companies out there, these Downloadable videos never Expire as it is Saved on your Computer and you can use it Forever once Downloaded.

Whats included in the purchase? Please read the home page for the items you are purchasing.

After the purchase can I use these videos both at my home and office? How long do I have access to these videos? Yes once downloaded to your computer you could use it on as many computers and tablets you would like provided its for your personal use, just copy the files on your pen drive or CD and move it seamlessly. You have access to these videos forever, in fact till you delete it from your computer.

I tried to download the files several times but I am not able to complete the download since the process is interrupted. This maybe is related to the internet velocity. Can you please sent to me the additional website option to download the files. Yes,  If you are having trouble downloading because of slow internet speeds I send out alternate download links using file sharing website like hightail.com

I bought the PMP Training, but the download has not been enable yet. What is the lead time to have the download available? The download is enabled pretty much instantly as its auto generated and you should receive the link in your order confirmation page as well as your email address. If for some reason you haven’t received it  please check your spam/ junk folder it might have gone there.


Is it safe to purchase from your website? Does your website protect customers Information? Yes it is 100% safe to purchase from our website, we use 256 Bit SSL provided by GeoTrust.Inc. It makes sure that all information given during online transactions is encrypted, i.e. converted into unreadable pieces of information. You will see a Site lock in the browser next to the address bar after you click Checkout and are in the Payment Page.

Does the website store any credit card or personal information? The names and Email addresses (as well as phone number and physical address if provided), of people who subscribe to our newsletters, and of people who register for the class, are stored within our database system. No credit card information is taken or stored by TAPINIT directly when registering for a course. However, a record of your purchase transaction, including credit card information, is stored by PayPal or Authorize.net depending on your payment method.

How does PayPal work with the website? The  integration between TAPINIT and PayPal securely passes an individual’s registration information from TAPINIT to PayPal to complete the course registration purchase transaction, and a record of that purchase is transmitted securely back from PayPal to the TAPINIT systems.

I’ve purchased the product yesterday but until now you have not sent the files for download. is this a scam or what? No its not a scam, you should receive the download link within 12 Hours after payment goes through successfully. Please check your junk/ spam folder as it might have landed there. If you might have given a wrong email address while registering, the download links are going to go there instead of the correct email. Another reason why you didn’t receive the links is because your payment never went through and the order was not completed. Please contact us after 12 hours if you didn’t receive the download links, we will send them ASAP

Hi I am trying to purchase the PMP material using PayPal, but I keep receiving a message that PayPal is not able to process payment, is there another way I can purchase your videos? PayPal Doesn’t support some countries, if you get this error message use the credit card option and try paying via MasterCard or Visa, if still nothing works then the last options is using Western Union.


I cannot grasp in one time …Will I be able to view the Videos again & again  or its one Classroom session? After download you can watch it over a million times.

Whats the price of PMP/ CAPM download? Kindly let me know the best price? The price is what you see on my home page, it is the cheapest price for what I offer compared to anyone and anywhere on this planet earth that’s my guarantee.

I am not able to extract the files once they are downloaded. error message the archive is either in unknown format or damaged? You will get this message if you were disconnected because of slow internet connection during the download process and didn’t successfully download the file, please try downloading again and check the file size after download. If it still doesn’t work then I will have to send alternate download links from a file sharing website.

Sir, I am looking for a way, where it guarantees the success in PMP version 5 Exam? No one can guarantee that you will pass, if someone does tell you that then they are not being honest. You can have the best material, the best teacher, the best education and still fail. You are going to pass with your hard work and dedication. You can pass your exam by just reading the PMBOK guide really well along with you real world experience without spending hundreds and thousands on training schools.

I understand there are two ways of taking the exam; 1) Computer based and 2) paper base testing. If it is computer based do you take the exam from home or do you have to go to a testing center? Its always at a testing center with 10 cameras over your head watching your move every second.

I’m downloading lectures, but how do I take the test ? The link to the Online Assessment test & 200 Practice questions will be in a PDF file you download after purchase. You have unlimited attempts to pass the test and once passed I email you the certificate soft copy.

Ali, do you consult? Yes I consult, I will even go on site and train students/ classes in the US. We even have Live Online affordable PMP/ CAPM training scheduled every month. Please see our home page and feel free to contact me anytime.

Hello Tutorali, I have been watching your videos at youtube and I would like to know how I can pay and download the videos? Paypal/ credit card/ debit card/ Western Union/ Check.

Does you material cover the topics to clear the CAPM certification and complete the eligibility defined by PMI? Yes it does as the CAPM exam is based on the PMBOK guide and so are my lectures.

Is there a number that I can reach you directly for further clarifications? Sure, leave me a message with your phone number via contact us page and I will call you back.

Once I purchase the package, are there any restrictions to complete the course in a specified period of time. I travel a lot, need to adjust the time to read? There is no specified time period but I would say you should take the exam within 3-4 months after purchase.

I need a software CD copy of the PMP-CAPM, please how do I make payment? Digital download is cheaper/ faster and for free. If for some reason you have slow internet connection and are unable to download I will ship the CD to you (US/ Canada Only).

I will need help applying for PM application. When should I Apply for the application? Sure I can help you apply for your PM application if you have any questions. You should fill the application only after you have accumulated 35 training hours, work experience and required education. Please read the PMP/ CAPM handbook which has all the latest details

I am PMP a Teacher and I am very interested for your PMP Slides so can I buy? Yes sure you can buy the videos but not the slides, don’t forget its just for you and not for your class.